Garage Floor Coating

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While garage floor coatings have been used in commercial applications for some time now, it has become increasingly popular for residential clients, too. Locals know that, for the best in service and results, American Veteran Painting can masterfully execute this service for you. Whether you want this taken care of for your home or business, we offer the best possible service for the finest overall results.

This coating is known for its durability, but can also help to completely transform the overall look. This is how you get that showroom floor look, for your own commercial or residential garage. Our team of expert Riverview house painters will provide you with the personalized service that you want, need and should be able to expect.

Garage Floor Coating Services That Makes A World Of Difference

Any professional can tell you, but so can any customer who has had their floor done – epoxy coating makes a difference.

  • For one thing, your new flooring will be resistant to impacts. That means you no longer have to worry about your floor chipping or cracking, if you drop something heavy. While concrete may be strong, this coating is what makes it sturdier.
  • Your floor will no longer be susceptible to stains or chemicals. Standard concrete is porous, and absorbs these substances. Adding epoxy means adding a layer of protection that also makes your concrete non-porous.
  • If your floor already has imperfections, such as stains or cracks, this will conceal as it seals. In other words, this will cover those flaws, providing you with surfaces that look better than new.

Functional Garage Floor Coatings You Can Be Happy With

Working with a true industry expert is how you can better understand the options you have, such as adding acrylic flakes or making it slip resistant. Your garage floor coating will be a game-changer for the performance and appearance of this component of your home or business.

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