Exterior Painting

You Can Trust on Us for Professional Exterior Painting Services

The outside of your home is really what makes a statement about you. It makes the first impression and enhances your curb appeal. No one knows that better than American Veteran Painting; we’ve got nothing but experience in helping ensure that homeowners are able to convey the message they want.

When it comes to exterior painting, sometimes it is not even about the color you choose, simply freshening up what you already have is enough. However, if you are looking to pick out that new perfect hue, our Riverview house painters can help with that too. We use only the finest quality paints, and only the most skilled labor, in order to provide you with results that promise performance and longevity.


Exterior Painting Services You Can Count On

Know why you shouldn’t attempt to take care of house painting on your own. Or, just as important, do not hire anyone who may not be up to your standards. Common issues that can happen when that happens:

  • If someone paints over rotten siding, the paint won’t stick. A true industry professional prepares the outside of your home, taking care of existing issues, such as rotten siding, first. A self-proclaimed pro who wants to get the job done quickly, paints over these issues, knowing it may not be discovered for a long time.
  • Painting from top to bottom helps prevent drips and streaks. This is an easy way to spot a DIY project. While drips are going to happen, blending them as you paint is the best way to solve this problem. An expert knows how to handle this.
  • Don’t forget the primer. Or, at least, make sure your painting contractor intends to use it. This sealant helps to ensure that you get the best long term results from your exterior painting.

Exterior Painting That Makes Your Home Look Great!

Your home can become the focal point of the neighborhood for one of two reasons: it is the one all the other neighbors aspire to have, or it is the eyesore. We can help to makes certain your home ends up being what makes your neighbors green with envy.

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