Cabinet Refinishing

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American Veteran Painting likes to encourage homeowners to consider cabinet painting or cabinet refinishing, especially as opposed to replacement. Many consumers looking for ways to trim the budget on their own kitchen remodeling project, manage to stumble across this option, yet others don’t. Everyone should be made aware of this viable option to total cabinetry replacement.

Some of our clients come to us specifically looking for a way to change the appearance of their cabinets, even without the desire to change the entire kitchen. They begin to look outdated, or maybe they just never liked them in the first place. Our Riverview painting contractors can help transform your existing cabinets into something completely new.

Great Results With Our Cabinet Painters

So aside from altering the appearance, what exactly are some of the benefits of cabinet painting?

  • Brand new cabinets can take up 30-40% of your kitchen remodeling budget. It makes sense to want to lower that cost. By opting for repainting, you can significantly reduce the amount you spend on your cabinets, as long as they are in good enough shape to refinish.
  • Opting for repainting what you already have in place is also much less intrusive. In fact, your kitchen is still accessible and usable during this process.
  • You will feel good knowing that this approach is also much more Eco-friendly. Repainting means salvaging materials that already exist, instead of ripping out otherwise quality cabinetry and adding it to the landfill.

Of course, this also enables you to completely customize the look. Rustic and weathered or sleek and modern, it doesn’t matter. We can do it all.

Call An Experienced Contractor For Your Cabinet Painting

Opting to get your cabinets repainted, as opposed to brand new cabinetry, shouldn’t mean settling for inferior results. We take what you already have and simply improve upon it, making them as good as new – if not better. Improve the entire look of your kitchen, without the hassle of replacing your cabinets.

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